Hi! I’m Amanda. Thank ya for stopping by. I’m guessing you clicked on this tab to find out more about me, so here you are…

There’s kleenex in my camera bag because it’s guaranteed a tear drop will always fall at every wedding I attend. My house is filled with testosterone: one handy hunky husband and two sweet rambunctious little boys. Sunsets get me every. single. time. I’m captivated by the moon, the leaves in the fall, windy backroads, open fields with wildflowers, the smell of fresh brewed coffee and campfires, anything pasta and the way the ocean kisses the shoreline. Very seldomly will you ever see me without my camera in hand – it goes wherever I go. I’m an era behind on fashion and I have an obsession with boots. I’m 5’8″ so heels (wait, what are those?) are foreign to me. Oh and did I mention I love pasta?

Photography (especially crisp black and white images, I love the distinct contrast of them) has always been an interest of mine but became a passion when I had my boys. After my oldest’s first year, I realized just how quickly time flies and knew I needed to do something to preserve those cherished moments for later in life when my mind starts to fail me. I hope to be able to do the same for you now and year after year.

I love to capture that genuine, wholesome, playful, loving, and weird love that you have. I want to capture the little things and the big feelings. The real stuff. The imperfect perfect. Stagnant forced poses are not my forte, so if that is what you’re looking for, sadly, we probably aren’t a good fit. The most fulfilling and satisfying images to look back on are the emotion filled ones that tell your story of your unique love.